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Best Time To Buy Gasoline

I buy most of my gasoline in the Dec-Feb time period each year.  Historically, it is usually lowest sometime during that period.


I ran out of gasoline in my home tank so I'm going to start buying it at the pump for a couple of months with the idea that in the first half of December, I'll either make a large buy or decide if I'm going to defer it for 30-60 days.


Last year, my gasoline bill was $3.39/gal.  Some times I could buy it cheaper at the pump but most of the time my price on the farm was lowest, plus there is the convenience of just filling it up at leisure.  I've never had any "stale gas" issues and I use 10% ethanol in my blend..  

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Re: Best Time To Buy Gasoline

I fill the tank in the yard, when I think it is at a 'cheap' time of the year.  Then, when I'm in town, if gas is cheaper, I fill up in town, and if not, I fill from the tank.

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Re: Best Time To Buy Gasoline

I pay whatever the pump costs.  Don't have to worry about someone helping themselves to a yard or farm tank, which I have seen employees do to family members in the past. 


My strategies are to combine trips, make right turns only, and use the vehilce that gets the best mileage on the least expensive fuel possible.  We can cut our fuel tax by 18 cents per gallon by filling up in Va instead of NC, when we are up that way anyway.  Driving the Jetta that gets 30 mpg at $3.49 is better than the 15 mpg diesel dually at $4.10, but if I have to haul lumber...well, you know. 

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