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Better luck next year?

Hello everybody, I hope rain has either found you or finds you soon. The drought has done its damage in most areas and about all that can be done is hope for a better year next year. As for me I have been blessed with recent rains that have turned things around for the soybeans.... It will be a little late for corn yield but I do believe the corn will at least be worth running. We are a long way from droughts end though. My 100 year old maple trees in my front yard turned in mid July as did a lot of trees in this area. One could have drove a few miles to my south to Orland Indiana and would have seen fall last month.... Now a lot of the trees are without leaves..... It was just that dry! We have never seen such a horrible drought.


Will your management strategies change next year or be about the same? Will corn on corn take a big acreage hit next year? Will your marketing strategies change? As for me I think my corn management will change the most. Seed populations will drop some and I will start looking for good flex ear corn hybrids to compliment that management change. My marketing strategy will be a little more conservative going forward as well. What if any will you change in 2013? The seed dealers will be chasing combines soon so we better have an idea..... Since corn harvest looks to be fast paced they better be on the ball this year if they plan on catching guys in the combines!

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