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Beyond Meat 2018

Noticed an article about the 2018 offering in TGI Fridays  plant based meat - burger substituents ---


Cargill  & Tyson are addressing the new idea's , as Tyson CEO Tom Hayes stated that  growth  in plant -based protein's could well out pace animal based protein's before long, stated in the article by Tom Levitt on assignment for Huffington Post ---


Conversations with our consumer customers for market share could use some wholesome, trustworthy, sincere candor, while leaving the boxing gloves off,  maybe ??               

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Re: Beyond Meat 2018

If people don't want to eat meat, why do they want to fake the vegetables to imitate meat?  I don't understand it.  Smacks of hypocrisy to me.  I have vegetarian friends.  Good for them.  But they don't eat fake burgers.

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Re: Beyond Meat 2018

I believe there many reasons for this.

will a good steak with butter, cracked peppercorns, dehydrated garlic prills and and sea salt ever be replaced, nor loose it's appeal.........

I doubt it.......there is something about that that our minds are wired to like, enjoy, savor........maybe something primal.........


but the drive in at the double arches or the like fare.....I don't know......some of their stuff is getting bad.  I can do mcdonalds, but

would rather have a burger king if I have a choice.


the other is we are becoming health conscious......with wellness centers all over, everyone and everything telling us to eat better

even in the schools.......the kids are being taught that, and their meals are similar........believe it or not, todays kid will take an

apple or orange over an almond snicker........I saw it this past weekend with my own eyes !!!!!!!!!!!


due to health issues a family member needs to look at replacement of some foods with others, in particular proteins.  kidney condition,

needs to watch protein intake........while it's not 0 protein, it does add up fast.  One suggestion was veggie burgers. you can buy

them in the store (where they are higher per pound than steak) or make them yourself......they tell me a lot of black beans used for



with everything, things change (and in general I don't like change) but that might be what's happening with beef.

one of the best jingles was "BEEF".........


maybe the beef people can learn from lessons from the past that we botched.....such as going to bat for mansanto.....and protecting them

since we used their product (and paid their tech fees for).....we still haven't figured out a way to counter people that have gluten problems.

the other problem is, cost..........beef is an expensive protein source......pork is cheaper, so is chicken.

our best best is international demand........most places want our beef........for one, they trust it.


one sometimes wonders.......the population is growing.....the more people, the more they eat.....right ???

but we told we have huge supplies of wheat, corn, beans.....and dairy products  (milk $1.79 gallon at Walmart, 3 dozen

eggs also $1.80)......plenty of pork and have to ask yourself some days, with all this expanded population,

what are they eating ??????????

we produce the basic foodstuffs.......but they are not disappearing.......just what are the people of the world eating ???



soylent green ???????????



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