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'Big Six' Turmoil

What do you think of the 'big six' ag company changes? Dow AgroSciences is on the sale block again. DuPont CEO, Ellen Kullman, retired. Monsanto tried to take over Syngenta to be flatly rejected. Now Mike Mack, Syngenta CEO, has stepped down.


Do you have any predictions on the future of these companies?



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Re: 'Big Six' Turmoil

Yes, they will continue to soak us for all they can.

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Jim Meade / Iowa City
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Re: 'Big Six' Turmoil

The companies will likely try to maximize income and minimize expensses.  That would imply they will cut staff and research and keep prices as high as they can.  They may try to persuade farmers to spend a lot of money on the extras to enhance crop yield,even when the return is usually break-even or even a loss.

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