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Boeing leaves Wichita

Boeing announced this a.m. that they are pulling out of Wichita, killing 2,160 jobs.  Cited defense spending cutbacks and "high" cost of doing business at Wichita as the reason.  This effects many part-time farmers surrounding the Wichita area.  City, county and state and federal officials went the extra mile to secure the new tanker contract for the Air Force.  Boeing's plant was also granted a perpetual exemption from all property tax assessments, meaning it has never paid a cent on its business assets within the state.  That alone represents a subsidy of millions of dollars stretching over many years.  Boeing made a public statement promising as much as 7,500 new jobs when the tanker contract went on line.  Looking at this timeline from when the contract was given to the company, local officials hint that Boeing already knew their decision to close the Wichita plant even prior to winning the Air Force contract, citing a lack of communications regarding future plans that began about that time.


Moral of the story; Business credibility no longer counts for something.  Boeing's cred is below zero right now.


City of Wichita is hinting at inviting Airbus to open a plant in the aircraft park.