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Re: Both Front Feet In The Trough - Redux

I think we killed usda when we agreed to pay a 50%+ "mafia" tax to keep it in business.  It is not worth it to have 30 billion budget to commodities with a 50 billion tax to snap.   If the public does not see the benefit of usda then cut the department.

Farmers should not believe that lie  ----- That congress does not have the votes for a farm bill. ----   I think the public would speak to its politicians if usda were taken away.......


But if not close it ........ and see if we miss it....   I think it has worth....... and is needed.....   But nothing says usda is worthless like paying "protection money" to the tune of unlimited snap funding.


I still cannot believe our representatives fell for that.   Nothing against "food welfare" but Social welfare is not usda's agenda.  


Close it down,  it has been corrupted.