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Re: Buffalo Commons



IMO  no.    Times change and just as we always apply simple answers to complex problems, the buffalo left for a variety of reasons just like the tall grass prairie did. cheyenne did, prairie fires did, broomcorn did, the yolked team did, ....... as did the steam tractor, the threshing machines, infant death levels of 25%,  the dirt storms etc etc etc...


And just like the changes of the past we still put simple ideas to difficult problems..........especially when we are somewhat involved in the change.   


"The latest market actions" ---  Will also pass,  and maybe the markets as we have known them----- but I will try to think about them without taking the lazy way out and blaming the Chinese or the President, the simple stuff......  


I noticed for the last month as the markets ground down that our fertilizer market worked up locally.  Seems to me that the lack of flexibility in our expenses and their indifference to their customers is the bigger issue........ the price on the board is not that big an issue when we can trim expenses...   Many things have changed....   and the future will also but it won't be a step back in time.  IMO