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Re: California farms continue move to robots

Hey SW, look at the good natured crap I got from Ken and Jim for going old school and cultivating beans and I see it in real life too. Farmers that lament not being able to rent land and out of the other side of their mouth they talk about "don't miss that damned cultivating!" Well hello, that cultivating 30yrs ago was a governor put on the Big shots, around here that skilled manual labor of guiding a cultivator to about 2,000 acres. Well now it's off to the races,  farm size is limited to the amount of Hagies you can buy and how many yahoos you can hire to run them.


But we apparently in agriculture now have "jobs that Americans don't want". It is too bad that high school kids don't stack square bales, detassle and hoe weedy beans in the summer. Too bad that packing houses aren't living wage jobs that a strong back and maybe not the class salutatorian could be respectful employment.


Money flows the point of least resistance, automation eventually comes, "the world is flat" whether we like it or not. JMO but automation is a lesser evil than importing labor that will be a entitlement obligation cradle to the grave.