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Re: California`s secret sauce of creativity.

In and Out Burger in Sunnyvale had a sign "hiring $14hr" that`s all I`d be qualified for  Smiley Happy   you don`t need a lawnmower around there, it`s gravel and desert plants, people are nice, neat buildings.  My Son has 3 roommates and his share is $3,700 but the company picks it up.  Beaches ban charcoal grills saying "use only gas, this isn`t coal country".   I bought Ribeyes at Safeway like our Hy-Vee really good beef, probably what I raised  Smiley Happy  $11.99/lb, watermelons $6 so food isn`t high, housing is very expensive and they`re always building. 


I have to hand it to California, though it`s like herding cats, they are making it work and it`s one of my favorite places.  But money from all over the country ends up out there because they have the tech industry and they were smart enough to not stifle it.   I know a successful Midwest businessman the developed a special moving dolly and sells them, but they can`t be used within 200 miles of his moving business, see California wouldn`t recognize that. 


At a startup party a couple guys that developed the app on Facebook of "2 years ago you did such and such" were there.  I`m not on Facebook but all those Midwest soccer moms on that crap all that advertising money ends up out.  A lot like Rockefeller owned the railroad and ended up controlling the oil and Standard Oil...timing timing timing