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Calling SW

Saw where the college that built a dam on a fult
Line, is having a horse and pony show out
Your way on forages, the a discussion about
New DFA plant out there. Sorry to see it is
Basicly a fluid plant....would have been nice
To see cheese, ice cream, butter

With the grains going to &$#@ and all those black
And white milk cows running around out there,
Has "forages" become a viable "cash crop"
Always knew alfalfa, but this looks like silage.

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Re: Calling SW

Yes, It is all about the purple flare, and getting on the bandwagon that left town last month.


Just kidding .......the authoritarian wisdom abounds this time of year....


Good to have a couple of progressive communities in western ks.

Forage is not a hard sell.  With corn acres on the decline along with the water and seed prices not declining


It works well if you have a dairy contract...  Triticallleieee is well liked and corn silage has become more popular.

Again gotta have a contract and be close to a dairy, many of which built in areas that were short of water..... so it is not a producer choice.  It is a meeting to serve the California dairy industry which has become large enough in this area to become a prominate buyer of stuff behind Feeders, ethanol, and pigs.

They're getting big enough to make donations to a "favorite" institution.


Dairy edibles............We are doing ok.... Don't forget Braums is filling needs.


serious less snarky...... comments below


It is a sign of how big dairy has become in sw and western ks economically.  

Dairy is an economic force in western Ks.  Probably rivaling the large hog presence.  In area's the milk trucks on the road rival the feedlot cattle moving to processing.

Sw ks has grown in its market for farm production. and was a great location for ethanol.... in garden city this plant will sit side by side with ethanol.

With water declining there is a good competitive choice of what to raise with the water depending on location.  

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