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Candidates Ag policy?

Havent heard much about the candidates Ag positions. Do they both hate agriculture?
Are farmers just a nuisance to them?
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Re: Candidates Ag policy?

The two main ones are against TPP.  Most ag analysts belive TPP helps farm exports.  Apparently Trum supports some of the current policies, but I have to admit I'm not tracking them all that close.

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Re: Candidates Ag policy?

Well as far as trade, if it`s a good news/bad news deal where "Good news we`ll buy all the $2 corn you can raise!...but you HAVE to buy double the value of  tv`s, I-Phones and oil filters from us or the deal`s off!" .  We have to make smart trade deals where all segments of industry in America wins.  The way it has been, they could package up a horse turd and put a label of "free trade" on it and all the commodity groups blindly clamor over it without much regard of the details.  The other countries currency manipulation make it impossible to get a fair deal with them, this is why when it`s a multinational trade deal, the US gets screwed..when you hear "multinational", run!


Regulation and taxes are what`s killing us, a common sense candidate that supports energy independence and science based regulations is the farmer`s friend.  A candidate that doesn`t want to redistribute a businesse`s wealth and confiscate it after the owners death is also the farmer`s friend. 



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