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Cash Rents

Hey all —


What are cash rents looking like in your area? How do they compare to past years?


Anna McConnell

Digital Content Editor

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Re: Cash Rents

"here"most rent is still share although the percent that is cash rent is going up.  "here" in dryland country, production trumps price, and after 5+ years of drought, we finally are looking at a good moisture profile, therefore we're optimistic about yield prospects next year.  And don't forget, we've had once in a lifetime milo yields this fall.  All this to say, I look for cash rents to remain steady.  Again that is the view for "here"

Re: Cash Rents

What little I hear is that cash rents are steady to maybe feeling some pressure, but I'm not hearing many actual figures. Of course, few people talk of actual figures anyway.
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