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Re: Catastrophic Insurance Options?

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Jen... that is one sorry post you just put up.....No math skills? 


There is nothing affordable about health care as it stands now if you are self insured and don't live in the same county as a large metropolitan city.


You tell me what is right about it when it is priced according to zip code of where you live.


The wife and I both have our doctors in Des Moines, our premium would be about $900 @ month with a Des Moines area zip code BUT with a zip code two counties away it is $1500 @ month for the exact same policy. 


Take your liberal Schlitz and stuff it. Nothing more than stealing from them with no real voting power and buying votes in the cities.


Reread his post and redo your math....just sad, sad, sad....


You have done much better as a weather Gal, might get along better sticking with weather and crops....