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Re: Catastrophic Insurance Options?

Well, an ag example is the price of NH3...based on natural gas prices, the nitrogen

supplement probably should have been half the price of where it has been, but

because of supply and demand, the price stayed up, but....not plants

are coming online and people should remember which ones were goring them.

At least anyone that wanted NH3 could buy it at a price, albeit a higher price than

what seems "fair". Look at Venezuela, where the socialism there has most goods

unavailable now...we don't want that here in the land of plenty.


The same with health insurance for the bulk of was available previously

at prices set by the free market, and in products that insurance companies could

market and be reasonably certain they would profit from the offerings. Along comes

the unaffordable act, and we lose that ability to find a product that we, the American

consumer want. Granted, some abuses occured, and the solution would have been

to target the abuses, not to throw the baby out with the bath waters.


Back to the subject at hand....trying to find affordable health insurance in this new

world the Kenyan and his cohorts have's tough. Here in Mn we have a

high AIDS population in the metro area that previously was uninsurable due to the

high costs of medicating their conditions....their costs for their lifestyles are now

amortized over the rest of the state population due to the reasoning of our fearless

leaders. Our family insurance doubled and now is slated to go up again by 50%, if

we even  find an insurance carrier as the marketplace is pretty vacant right now.


THis catastropic insurance would fit our needs, and it should be open to whoever

wants it...instead the current law tries to ensure that everyone is subsidizing the

people that are really draining the health resources. A better solution would have

been to create subsidized high risk pools where our welfare system handled the

costs, through general tax levies, rather than throwing a wrench into a working



THe Iowa attorney general evidently has done the math and figured out the risk

pools too, and is encouraging the Iowegians caught up in this mess to do what I

am thinking of....going with the CAT insurance. This is a product that should screen

out the high needs consumers and provide a catastrophe product at a more

reasonable cost.


Just looking for input on this topic from others caught up in the same scenario...

it's a mess. Really don't need attacks from someone doesn't understand the

facts and has an obvious hard time analyzing basic concepts.


THanks for your input.