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Charge For Habitat Protection?

Some environmental groups and ag groups are finding common ground in a way that pays farmers and ranchers preserve habitat for endangered species.  The Smithsonian has an interesting article that shows some of the plusses and minuses of the plan.


The benefit to environmentalists is they save endangered species.  The benefit to the farmer/rancher is they avoid government control and make some money.  The benefit to industry is they avoid expensive and time-consuming litigation.


"A habitat exchange encourages farmers and ranchers to treat habitat as a commodity that can be cared for and managed under the right circumstances. “Farmers do a great job of growing stuff, and wildlife relies on habitat that can also be grown or tended to by farmers or ranchers,” says Eric Holst of the Environmental Defense Fund."


Would you contract to provide habitat in exchange for a payment?  Would you preserve habitat for payment if you would not do it voluntarily?  How about turning a wasted piece of ground into an income producing property?





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