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Re: Cheques, do you need them?



Sounds to me like you have a good grip on "backup and verifiable" records.... That is the main point in an audit,,,, did you report what you actually did and can you verify it. 


I just struggle with the idea of electronic backup...  Too much can be gone too easily.   I like some paper verification.

Too often the entity that issued the verification is not around to reproduce or verify it if the document can't be found.

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Re: Cheques, do you need them?

I still write checks alot. Probably 20-30 per month. I enter my bookeeping using the cancelled checks monthly to quickbooks. I know it probably is oldfashioned, but it works for me and i'm comfortable with it, and i can "backup" my quickbooks to a flashdrive. I do recieve some grain payments electronically, and I'm good with that. they always send a paper verification for my files.


I have unfounded concerns about the safety of a completely paperless and cashless monetery system.


I also , commonly use cash for small purchases. cash works.

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