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Chicken egg incubator | hatching machines | brooder

What is the chicken hatching machine?

Chicken hatching machines are called Broiler incubators. This kind of machine uses imitation biological principles and automatic control technology to provide suitable conditions for egg embryo development to obtain a large number of high-quality chicks.

Type and function of a chicken brooder

We provide different types of incubators, including mini incubators. So our eggs incubator is suitable for industrialized and large-scale incubation production and family incubation. The smallest incubator can hold 16 eggs, and the largest incubator can hold 30,000 eggs. So you can choose a suitable incubator according to your needs. Besides, our company sells different function eggs incubator, such as eggs incubator with three functions and eggs incubator with one function.


Difference between a three functions eggs incubator and with one an eggs incubator

The working principle of these two machines is the same. But the egg incubator with three functions has more functions. And the machine can incubate, hatch and brood. While, the egg incubator with one function can only be hatched, which means that the chick must be taken out of the machine before the chick comes out of the shell. So you can choose one of the two types of machines according to your needs.


What are the advantages of chicken hatching machines?

Compared with artificial incubation methods, chicken egg incubator machines have the following advantages.

  • First, do better in output and output ratio.
  • Second, an egg incubator is less affected by time, temperature and humidity, because it can simulate the natural conditions required for incubating chicks.
  • Third, high hatchability.
  • Fourth, it is easy to use and can be operated by looking at the manual.
  • Fifth, wide applicability, whether you are a chicken farm or personal use.

Because of these, it can be said that the chicken hatching machines are one of the important pieces of equipment for the development of modern chicken production. And our chicken egg incubator is a fully automatic incubator machine with a simple and clear workflow and easy operation.

Can I hatch other eggs by the chicken hatching machines?

Our chicken hatching machines can not only hatch chicken eggs, but also duck eggs, goose eggs, quail eggs, etc.

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