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Chipotles - What 's you going to do ???

Found this over on Ag Web -  But here's the problem with this stuff - it's the lack of education on GMO's and Non GMO's - It was an easy band wagon to jump on to increase business - TV spot light - what ever - The lack of education falls on all of us but from the people that has the means to help - National Bean and Corn growers - Farm bueau's from every state - you name it .  BTW - I was reading on the Indiana State Chemist site yesterday - they have a enforcement section = screw up's that lead to warnings and fines - One on there was a complaint from a lady that reported a Crop duster in late Aug.s -- she " Thought " he was spraying a pesticide and it would hurt her organic garden - water supply - everything - the chemist office checked it out and the Ag plane was laying down a cover crop = NO problem ! That is just one example - everything we do is bad in the minds of the  lack of educated -  Sad isn't it .


Thanks to the World Health Organization, Chipotle has wrapped itself into a giant GMO-free pickle. To help the big burrito marketer better understand the repercussions of its misleading marketing campaigns, we’re asking you to sign a petition that urges Chipotle to ban pork and beef from its menu.

Let us explain. Earlier this week the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified processed red meat as carcinogenic and red meat as probably carcinogenic.

A controversial classification, for sure, but one Chipotle would be hypocritical to ignore.

That’s because when the WHO classified glyphosate as “probably carcinogenic” earlier this year, Chipotle announced with great fanfare that it would remove all ingredients containing GMOs from its menu, since the herbicide glyphosate is used extensively in the production of GMO corn and soy.

Here’s what Chipotle said when it banned GMOs from its menu: “The world Health Organization designated Glyphosate as ‘probably carcinogenic to humans.’ The use of glyphosate is extremely widespread. More than 9% of the landmass of the continental United States is planted with crops genetically modified for glyphosate resistance. Given the concerns surrounding these types of GMOs and the chemicals associated with them, we felt it was particularly important to seek out non-GMO ingredients when possible.”

From that statement, one would naturally assume Chipotle would be equally shy about putting red meat  in their burritos. So why doesn’t Chipotle make a similar announcement banning beef and pork?

In fact, there’s a petition calling on Chipotle chairman Steve Ells to do just that. The petition says: “Just as GMOs were removed from most of their menu items because glyphosate is a class 2A carcinogen, pork and beef now need to be removed as well.”

The petition further states, “we feel it is particularly important to seek out alternative ingredients.” Except, well, there aren’t any alternative ingredients for pork and beef…unless Chipotle switches to an all-vegetarian menu. That, of course, is an unlikely option since it would vastly reduce Chipotle’s target audience.

Therein lays the Catch-22. Steve Ells and his crew must decide whether to continue with their hypocritical stance on GMOs while at the same time selling equally dangerous – says the WHO – pork and beef, or stop pandering to fads and pseudo-science scaremongers by putting GMO foods back on the menu.

We think one way for Chipotle to get the message is to sign the petition and leave a comment – as many others have done – to stop the hypocrisy. Here’s a sample comment: “I’m signing because ‘Stupid’ has got out of control and Chipotle is leading the parade of stupid down the path of fear.”




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