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Climate Change - What Will You Do?

Most people agree the climate is changing.   Probably everyone agrees it has changed - we have had an Ice Age here, dinosaurs have lived in Canada, and so forth.  It's a differnt question to ask what causes the change.


Regardless of that, what are you going to do about climate change?  USDA has published a study that discusses the topic.  It's pretty long, but interesting reading.

You might find it worth while to read the Executive Summary and the Conclusions and Research Recommendations.


One message I took away is that it won't affect me very much at my age:

"Projections for crops and livestock production systems reveal that climate change effects over the next 25 years will be mixed."


Here is where I'm afraid of what the activiists will cook up:

"The vulnerability of agriculture to climatic change is strongly dependent on the responses taken by humans to moderate the effects of climate change."


But, maybe there is room for optimism:

"Over the last 150 years, U.S. agriculture has exhibited a remarkable capacity to adapt to a wide diversity of growing conditions amid dynamic social and economic changes."


The Climate Change For Dummies version is here:



Higher temperatures, increased humidity, and a greater frequency of severe weather patterns all are elements of a change in climate, regardless of whether the cause is a natural phenomenon or man-made. Such weather changes can have an adverse impact on plant and animal production. Crops--such as corn and soybeans—can exhibit declines in yield and profitability. Livestock are more susceptible to disease issues and insect infestation in areas of increased temperature and humidity. To maintain agricultural productivity, humans must take necessary actions to better adapt to the effects of climate change.



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