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College student in need of help regarding equipment sharing!! Short survey included.

Hi all!


I’ll try to make this short and sweet.


I am currently a student doing a research project on the sharing economy amongst those involved with farming, agriculture, commerce, general homestead activities, etc. My goal is to gain some insight on how often or how likely it is for individuals to lend equipment between one another as opposed to renting from a dedicated rental business.


My assumption focuses on the idea that small-scale farmers may not have the resources available to buy or lease certain equipment or machinery, especially if they know it will only be used infrequently. Instead, I’m researching if it is more likely one might rent or contract a peer to provide the needed equipment and/or service.


I have made a very short survey that should take less than five minutes. It would help me out greatly if you could lend me a bit of your time and fill it out. Here is the link to the survey:

Also, if anyone has any suggestions, comments, or questions regarding any of this, by all means, feel free to voice them here.


Thank you so much. I appreciate your help!

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