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Continuously Variable Transmission/CVT- Mitsubishi Outlander

I picked up delivery today of a new 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander SE that I bought last week. It has a CVT Transmission, meaning it has like 1 gear or variable gears. The first car or SUV I have ever bought that has this CVT Transmission in it. It seems like a nice SUV and has all the Bells and Whistles in it. Sometimes when it is cold out like now (-5 below 0), the transmission seems to stay in a lower gear or whatever or however this transmission works till the car warms up. Then it seems just fine and if I park it in my heated garge, it also works fine. Does anyone have this type of CVT Transmission on any of there cars or SUV's? Is this normal for a CVT Transmission to do that? Again this is the 1st CVT car/SUV I have ever bought with this type of almost like a 1 speed transmission. Any opinions on this issue would be appreciated. Thanks.

PS- Probably posted this under the wrong section here.