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Corn Lawsuit

I'm getting things in the mail almost daily about this lawsuit, is it worth going to one of these meetings and sign up to be part of it and how do you know which one to go to? Are any of these law firms better than the other? It always seems like the law firms are the only ones to profit from these things.

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Re: Corn Lawsuit

Those solicitations are coming to my mailbox, too.  I've been hearing of these kinds of meetings for a year and got ambushed into one at a seed dealer's meeting last fall.  The things we let ourselves into for a free meal.


I haven't paid much attention to the merits of the case, but apparently the lawyers think there is some money to be made.


Maybe someone can comment - I was under the impression that in this kind of class action lawsuit one is in unless one opts out, maybe to pursue one's own path.  If that is true, it means to me that I do as well by not signing up with anyone.  But, Maybe I'm wrong.  I don't know how much money it's worth, but I think not enough to get in a sweat about.


Maybe we will get some other comments on what is happening around the country.

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Re: Corn Lawsuit

Our farm is a part of it now. It is not a Class Action. We signed with a law firm. We get 60%....They get 40% if they win....If they lose we owe nothing. Probably not much cash to be had because everybody and their brother has staked a claim. Including some biggies like ADM..........

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