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Corn VS. Soybeans in 2014

What my expenses are telling me that at $4 corn and using $10 beans $4 corn has soybeans beat in net income.  



just checking my local bids for next year today $4.20 for corn and $10.55 for soybeans.  



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Re: Corn VS. Soybeans in 2014

Umm idk how your 14 corn bids are so low. Nor your Soys. Yikes, corn is 4 here now. Beans sub 12. What a difference geography makes.

Anyways Im growing Soys and wheat next yr. 90bu wheat has both beat. Ya know. Throw 2-3 bu on per acre on 75f days this year and boom 13-18/ac expense. Fertilizer is worthless now too. No costs. Sell all at ADM for 240/t
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