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Corn lawsuit

We joined the Sygenta (spell?) lawsuit years ago. My wife spent at least 100 hrs on collecting data for it. We jumped through several hoops. Seemed like they always had something else they needed from us. My question is, who has been paid? We have received zero dollars.  Have not heard a word from our legal firm for over a year.I will never join another lawsuit like this I am sure the lawyers have been paid.

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Re: Corn lawsuit

Just got a check last week.  Ran into another guy that got a check a few weeks ago.

From the info, "If you have questions or need help, visit, contact us at 1-833-567-2676, or send an email to"

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Re: Corn lawsuit

We received about 65% last spring and the balance about 2 weeks ago. Maybe your law firm invested your moneySmiley Wink 

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Re: Corn lawsuit

Oh... I'm sorry about what happened to you. It's the 21st century, and corruption has not yet been defeated... I don't trust government lawyers either, I'm not surprised they did this to you. I once lived in Europe for several years. I decided to travel and see how people live there. I made friends with one guy and we still communicate. He works as a lawyer in Sweden on / and he often tells me about how they are doing in Europe. It's not like ours at all, everything is responsible there and corruption, and even more so in the sphere of laws, practically does not exist. I dream that the same can be said about America.

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