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Corteva responds

On this forum, somebody said that they had heard of some rumors that Corteva was paying farmers to rip up already planted crops to plant seedcorn.


I reached out to the company to find out what is up with the rumor. Here is what its response is, regarding the rumor:

"The 2019 planting season has seen unprecedented planting delays. This overly wet environment has caused U.S. planting pace to be one of the slowest on record.

Adjustments to seed production are a normal course of business. We continue to make adjustments to seed production plans to remain a reliable supplier and provide our customers products that help their farming operations."


What say you?





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Re: Corteva responds

Can't tell whether that is a non answer or a definite maybe. Probably don't want to talk about it as they would need to have 100% kill to keep the integrity of their seed. 

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Re: Corteva responds

Clearly a "Yes" in corporate speak.

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Re: Corteva responds

I hadn`t heard that rumor. But, there`s been areas where planting has been almost normal, you`d think 3 weeks ago there would`ve been soybean stubble fields available that could`ve been used for seed production, of course they`d have to get out their checkbook.  But to have someone root up some ankle high corn and plant it to seed production would require the checkbook to`ve been out in that case too.

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