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Cover crops and CSP bucks

just got done reading an article about how one farmer is making $57 per acre more by planting cover crops. It is in a sister publication to SF....lets call it PF.

You read through 90 percent of the article until you get to the money line....the guy gets $40,000 per year in CSP its not really making it, just taking money from other tax payers or putting another $40,000 on the national credit card.

Don't get me wrong, if they are handing out the money, I am going to take it too, just to stay competitive, but come some point shouldn't we all look at these handouts and be like the little boy looking at the king without any clothes on?



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Re: Cover crops and CSP bucks

I have a neighbor that did cover crops last year but didn’t this year. Talking to him and he said he probably would if he’d get paid. Not sure if that was equip or another program. Anyway my thought is if covers are as good as they are promoted it should be a money maker for farmers without government dollars and if it takes government dollars to work then it is just wasting taxpayers money 

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Re: Cover crops and CSP bucks

I know a couple guys that chop silage and then seed rye to graze.   To me, that makes sense, it might get a foot high....but they can drill it in first part of Sept.  None of that flying it on $$$$$ and hoping they get rain.   Seems like if north Iowa ever does get a some what dry spell, it`s in August/Sept bean filling/covercrop seeding time. They need gov`t money to share the risk, this far north.   If I was in southern Iowa, I`d be serious about it.  

For a grain guy this far north, it wouldn`t pay every year and it`s one of those things that you can have the tv news out and get interviewed as to what a good steward of the land you are.  

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