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I been transfering some field history spreadsheets to newer formats and even some cloud storage..... primarily 2001 - 2016.  

I used  spreadsheets format to record each operation on each field by year with the harvest record at the bottom of each SS 



It has really emphasized how much things change and how fast....... and even how memory gets distorted....


a few quick..


The drought was the cattilist for high expenses more not grain prices....we sold 3.50 to 6.50 corn as far back as 2006............

The  profitable years were 2006 - 2011  not a year since touches the profit % of those years.  At the time it did not seem that way.... but 155bu corn made a profit 6 years ago...Won't come close today.  We are back to insecticide, fungicide and multiple herbicide applications because the technology ain't working.



The old shell game . when I was watching the market, the expenses doubled and trippled ..... we all know that but it really comes home when you see a 145 bu corn crop had a $50 per acre profit less than 9 years back... What is the break even on that same field today ...... with nearly the same price options     Close to 190


Seed was $110 a bag back when the traits worked best.... Bt or RR for that price and it was your choice whether it had it or not .... competition in the market place did not drive prices down -- and they worked ....... a % of the bag failures did not happen.  And no one tried to force you to buy the traits.


Equipment cost is a larger deterent to profit and production options than seed, land, or fertilizer costs.