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Re: Cultural question

I'm with you in that I don't care who is fixing my combine, man or woman, short or tall, old or young.   My response was based on an 'unfamiliar' woman.   Now, the lady mechanic at the shop off the highway, no problem.   We know each other, and what her job is to do.   However, I would never haul around an unfamiliar woman, without very good reason, out of respect to her reputation, as well as consideration to my wife, to not have to wonder what is going on.

Of course, my combine doesn't have the padded 'buddy seat', so there really wouldn't be any place to sit comfortably for any length of time.   That's why my kids ride on my knee.   I really don't know if I want to do something like that, and I KNOW no lady around here wants that story around the coffee shop  Smiley Very Happy