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Re: DOT Compliance???

We have a common experience....

See if you can relate and understand my occasionally self destructive humor...??

I was trying to live with the old farm tag system as long as possible,  both states and all but one trooper still recognized the old two state agreement.

Got so bad he was stopping our 1 ton dually, 20 miles from home, and giving warnings for not having a DOT #....  First time with a irrig motor on back, but then empty the next several times.  Our grain trucks are very seasonal but got stopped as well.. warnings

I started sending the same pickup down for parts every week.  more warnings.  

I sent one of our truck drivers who speaks Russian... Told him "no English" ..... three more warnings

Then I sent a driver who had an international DL ....... Finally a note came back with the warning --- Get the DOT # on or I won't stop.

Had the numbers on the next day and have been in a truce position ever since..... 




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Re: DOT Compliance???

Well, as stated above,. I put Mike out of this miserable circle of Hell this morning. 


About thirty minutes on USDOT call, then got referred to NCDOT.  That was maybe another twenty or less. 


We do have to get a couple of folks a Class A NC Driver's endorsement, which is a CDL, but not quite, I guess you could say.  Study certain parts of the NC CDL book, and show proficiency in drivig the inspected truck and trailer. 


Trucks and trailers have to stand for a Federal safety inspection, but not any safety audits, med cards, random drug tests, etc.  Local tractor trailer big shop does those...we know some stuff probably needs fixing here, before they start turning wrench.  Drop teh truck and trailer and they say it'll be done in a day or less, and it's on our way between farms, so no biggie.


I thought ot check our truck insuracne, and it is suficient.  Will have to raise GVWR on the truck's license, costs $69.30.  Pair of magnetic signs for the truck, $60 each truck.  We have one, kids will have to do their own. License endorsements ought to be $30 each, and maybe a fee for the written test. 


Question mark is what the fixes to pass federal vehicle inspection will cost on the trailer(s).  It was a busted light while the kids were  hauling last week that started this whole bal rolling over top of me. 


Not fun, but I think it can be done. 


BTW, USDOT has a whole system for warning carriers about the sales pitches we have been getting.  I told the guy I had handled them...He laughed and said, "I am sure you did!"








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Re: DOT Compliance???

Kaye  -  Blaming the FEDS  on this one for some folks is an easy cop out  -  not you  -  although you are witnessing the problems created by folks trying to skirt the law with unqualified folks for the job which in turn has created this problem --- EVERY time I hear the word   ''' exempt ''' some where down the road the price just went up --- Like I have mentioned before one might ask the transportation industry EXPERTS on how they are doing with all of their  CHEAP  labor now days and why the industry is so desperat for folks to be involved with the industry ---  Calling some drivers a steering wheel holder is a over rated compliment - although they are in-expensive exempt ---