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Da Fed

shooting for sustained inflation over 2% may be a bit positive for farm prices if they can push the $ a lot lower. But that assumes that everybody else doesn't just do the same.

Beyond that "supporting robust employment" is a load of manure' outa the bull pen. Ultra low rates pull some housing spending forward etc. but the transmission mechanism of Fed action to Main Street and the real economy is anemic.

What it will get you is wild asset inflation, which always ends badly. We just don't know when.

In an ideal world, this all started out OK. It was the correct move to hit it with a double barreled shot of fiscal and monetary policy. The problem is that it needed to coincide with a concerted Federal effort to crush the virus, as fast as possible.

Now it is all just one huge mess.

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Re: Da Fed

Barring a few months of one offs if there was an energy or food price spike, I doubt they'll manage to move inflation much.

Which might even be more bullish for asset prices in the near term if "the market" believes they're gonna, come hell or high water.

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