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Dear Dicamba User

What would you think if you got a letter in the mail like this?  Yes, it may come across as a snarky letter.  The objective is obviously to get users to think seriously when they apply dicamba.


Dear (by name) (to all farmers in a 2 mile radius and likely contract sprayers)


Dicamba is being linked to crop damage and oak tree damage.  I plan to grow soybeans that are not safe for dicamba and I have young oak trees.


I have a weather station that records time, temperature, and wind speed.  I scout my crops regularly and record observations.  I intend to report any suspected crop damage to DNR and if the damage implicates dicamba may contact chemical companies, suppliers and applicators to see if the source of damage can be identified..


I  trust you and your contract sprayer will comply with the label if you use dicamba.  If you are accused of misuse of dicamba and get into a disagreement with the chemical company, my information may be available to help you defend yourself.



John Doe








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