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Politics of farm debt

Being an Aussie farmer I know nothing about US politics. But I have also spent 30 years running FairGO, an organization through which individual Australian voters can get government doing what they want by asking ALL politicians to assist. I don't know that it is possible with the US Congress because I think congressmen refuse to deal with voters outside of their own electorates. 

The result of my 30 years is to conclude that politicians really do not care (any more than the next American or Australian). They are there for their own benefit, not that of the people. Just like most farmers farm because they want to, not because of some passionate desire to feed the Australian or American people. That does not mean politicians are bad. They are "representative of us". If we want them to do something we must firstly approach them all because Congress is a voting forum. If you do not have more than half the congressment on side you do not get what you wanted.


Often farm organisations do not really get across to politicians what it is that ordinary farmers want. That is because these Agri-politicians have their own agendas, which can be party-political. Farmers, not peak bodies, need to tell congressmen what they want and explain why. Then they need to vote in those who will do what they want and vote out those who don't, instead of just voting according to party preferences each time. We have found in Australia that because most politicians do not care that much about any specific issue (despite what they say), they are just as happy to help us as to annoy us. What they most want is to be elected and they next want as many of their colleagues to be elected as possible so that they can enjoy the spoils of government.


Individual votes working with ALL politicians can work miracles and often get the bureaucrats doing what is needed.