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Re: I'll bet you can do it

And i know nothing about your past or your future. We have had growth and expansion drilled into us for decades from the universities and the farm publications. AS if that is the only way to farm. That unending growth philosphy is BS in miy mind.


WE are argue about growth and becoming more efficient, but I believe there is more than one way to skin a cat. The secret is contentment. Being content to be less that the biggest dog on the block. Learning to farm what you have while spending your own money on raising good crops efficiently. What amuses me is that some farmers are tired of working for John Deere or the bank. How about I maintain a modest operation that I can manage with out high dollar equipment or a banker.


I pay no interest on operating loans  but some on real estate mortgages. I do not want to farm more nor do I want to borrow money to do it. Admittedly my age health is a factor but a middle aged individual in excellent health could choose the same course. Why, because he doesn't want to engage in the rat race of a high risk venture with borrowed capital.


Yet we can find many farmer argue that you must expand or die.  Such nonsense! Is our objective to do more risk more  so we can accumulate more debt to buy more green paint ? That is where the contentment comes in. Knowing what your objectives are and why you have them.


Remember, those debt free operators may well be reformed spendthifts that spent too much of their earlier lives with their kneepads on in front of a banker. They wised up and decided they no longer wanted to kiss a bankers butt. Instead they chose to direct their own destiny and manage their own business for their own advantage. Your banker is running his business and you should be running yours. You may well continue doing as you are doing but there are a few folks that have chosen a different path. I would not assume they had everything given to them or they don't know what they are doing. Some are old. Some are tired. Some are lazy and some are just content with a different objective.