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Re: I am not looking down on you

Having worked in the political arena for nearly a decade while advocating for agriculture, I can sympathize with your thoughts about Washington.  However, the blame for the mess is not unique to this administration or even the Democrats.  Since taking control of both houses and the presidency before losing majority and the White House, the Republican party has presided over the greatest deficit spending spree in history, (three major wars, one still ongoing and the longest war in U.S. history, Blackwater scandal, Cheney/Halliburton boondoggle and profiteering at taxpayer expense) not to mention helping to pass laws that are primarily responsible for creating the economic conditions that caused the greatest recession since the Great Depression.  Credit default swaps, otherwise known as gambling with other people's money, were given legitimacy not only by the Republicans but the Democrats during the Clinton administration.  Sup-prime mortgages would not have been able to be used by large brokerages like Goldman Sachs to the extent it had and we would not be sitting with over a million plus mortgages in default as we speak. 


To blame Obama for all our woes is simplistic at best.  Did you vote for those people who created that mess I mention above?  If so, like me, you and I can only blame ourselves for supporting these people who are responsible.


While lobbying for disaster aid for drought stricken farmers earlier in the decade, the Republican leadership wrote agriculture off (I said Leadership, not every Republican congressman or senator).  Bush ignored our request for help with 4 billion in aid, yet he had just signed on hurricane Katrina aid to New Orleans for over 121 billion, said it was budget busting and not a good thing to do.  Can you imagine that? 


This political hypocrisy has severly tested my patience with such people.  I'm a conservative.  I voted for Bush, twice.  But frankly, I do not give him high marks for his time in office.  


What really puzzles me is why it takes fiscally and morally conservative people so long to figure out that the country is in this mess because they participated in creating it.