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Re: I am not looking down on you

Totally agree about the failures of the previous administration, which I did vote for, twice, too.  What was our alternative?  Al GORE?????  God, man, I am a hog farmer...and I am not suicidal. 

At least the EPA was held at bay for eight years.  Clinton had created a helluva mess in the eleventh hour, on his way out the White House door. 

I truly believe the two-party system is the real failure, in so far as the average person has no real choice come Election Day.  Every stinking one of them is sold out to lobbyists.  What percentage of most legislative bodies, including Congress, is composed of lawyers?  And, a fairly high percentage is on any given day guilty of all sorts of high crimes and misdemeanors.  I do not really "blame" Obama, but he is something of a disappointment, even to those who thought he was the Second Coming a scant eighteen months ago.   

I have honestly had to stop watching most news right was starting to take a toll.  I am adjusting my lifestyle to accommodate a busy nursing school schedule, starting in about a month; so, will not have nearly the time to watch over the nation, as I typically do, for a couple of years.  You will have to keep things straight for me while I am distracted....

I may or may not pick up the task in the future.  There are a couple of goals I set aside long, long ago, that it is now my desire to reach, before it is truly too late.  I will continue to vote on the second Tuesday in November, but I won't hold out much hope that anything good will come of it, either way.