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Re: I am not looking down on you

Al Gore would have not been a good choice, either.  He likes to impose environmental constraints, only he and others like him will see to it they remain exempt from living under them. The political system is broken.  It is nearly impossible for citizen statesmen, or women to rise up from the ranks and run for office, hold one or two terms and leave.  Political leadership in both parties, all the way down to the local precinct organizations and their financial backers have tight control over the vetting process.  If you don't tout the party line and believe in everything they do, you don't have much chance to succeed.


My time for watching over the political process may be ending soon, so, I feel very much like you do, frustrated, disappointed and apprehensive about the future. We need passionate leaders for agriculture that will remain vigilant and protect agriculture's interests and help urban America to recognize the strategic value of a healthy, productive agricultural economy.


At least you are working on some great goals to fulfill before time runs out, so to speak.  Best wishes on your work.