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Re: Depopulation - Who Cares

It won`t directly affect me.  A twenty-something couple wanting to get into farming or a ag business won`t have the same childhood for their children as they had when they grew up.   The churches close, no gray haired old Sunday school teacher telling the kids "don`t steal or lie", no more old guys playing Santa Claus from 4 to 6pm giving the kids cheap trinkets, no trick or treating, no ice cream socials and parades, no Pee Wee baseball diamond kept up by the town, no summer fireworks and free movies in the park.


For the young couple, no peers to professionally challenge them, no Lions Club, Kiwanis, Masons, Rotary International.  No volunteer fire department or ambulance service.  


Many towns around are or have celebrated their sesquicentennial, I reckon the population will eventually revert back to when they were founded or one day unincorporate themselves....nothin` new under the Sun.   The last 100 or so years were just a golden era for rural communities, but what are ya gonna do to keep `em on the farm?  We all can`t be God`s chosen people and farm +10,000 acres, ain`t enough land in the township for everyone.


`til then us oldsters cling to the towns like foxfire on rotted wood.   We raise these genius kids and Silicon Valley steals them away with their big salaries and mountains and oceans a short drive away.