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Re: Depopulation - Who Cares

One of the big issues in rural areas is finding a church. If MN would have green lighted 100,000 Ethiopian Christians to immigrate to our fair state we would have revitalized the dying Lutheran Faith with a conservative branch that goes back to the hard working missionaries that started the churches there and maybe the new blood would have inspired the misguided ELCA to stop and take stock of what they are doing.


I would like to find a rural church with an old school Minister that still believes in the Bible and that hasn't been corrupted by the ELCA and what passes for gospel and truth in the ELCA seminaries these days. It's no longer teaching that I recognize and I am far from alone in that. I think close to half of Lutherans have left the ELCA over what they are trying to cram down the church people's throats. It is rare to hear a minister even mention the word "sin" these days.....they don't want to offend any of the liberal types that believe they can live however they wish and that nothing is sinful.


And as far as funding the ELCA and especially LSS, I feel that is now like giving money to a Satanic cult. Probably going to start just earmarking my donations for the cemetery funds, and honoring the good Christians buried there.