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Re: Depopulation - Who Cares

Well if you use pork production as an analogy, up until the 90`s they were "mortgage lifters" most farms had farrow to finish hogs and marketed them to one of 3 buying stations in a 10 miles away.  That supported communities and small businesses, in my opinion was a very good thing as long as it lasted.   Now, one guy owns the hog barn, a company owns the hogs, one guy gets the manure and another guy does the hog chores and the hogs are hauled to the plant 100 miles away.   In my opinion the latter and current hog model isn`t a rural community enhancer.


But we`ve all had a sip of the corporate Kool aid and that`s all many of us know.  Young "pork producers" know about checking feeders and loading hogs, but couldn`t know less about farrowing sows, everything`s been specialized.   And the rest of agriculture is going that way, cow/calf operations being probably the last bastion of independence.  


Most small towns thrived on the farmer coming in and selling grain and livestock and then going to the cafe, hardware store and department store...well, when that John Morrell or Hormel buying station closed so goes the community, though in a 10 mile radius of town they never raised so many hogs.