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Re: Depopulation - Who Cares

Our church had to combine with 4 others and share 2 Pastors (that do communion, weddings baptisms, funerals) and a couple lay preachers.  When the whole deviancy issue came up a few years ago, we lost one church in the parish, but picked up another and we remained in the ELCA.  I was on council at the time of "the vote" we have a prominent couple who`s grandson is a deviant and they of course love him very much.   After thought and prayer on the matter, I came up with that we are all sinners and struggle with sin, a deviant is a fellow traveler as much as someone that subscribes to Playboy magazine (for the articles of course) and swears a blue streak loading hogs.


I don`t think deviants should be chased away, perhaps time in church will heal them like the rest of us sinners.  I was reassured that we can discriminate in the hiring of a pastor under ELCA guidelines if they are deviant.   Just as I wouldn`t be okay with a shoplifter being the church pastor, I wouldn`t want someone that embraces other sins as head of the church.  


I`m very happy with my church and pastor.   I guess my complaint is many Lutherans don`t touch the Book of Revelations and Ezekiel though to our credit we don`t buy into the rapture theory.