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Re: Depopulation - Who Cares

I recall what a old high school teacher once said about solving problems "For every problem that`s solved, two more are created" .   Just the way I see things, that`s what`s happened in farming, we`ve been running on a "race to the bottom" every since Earl Butz had his "fencerow to fencerow" cheap food policy.  We expanded on free trade promises and that unattainable brass ring of "feeding 9 billion people".   Trouble is there aren`t 9 billion people...there`s 7 billion and they`ve learned how to feed themselves and want to actually sell us ag products.  


So we`ve solved the feeding the world problem (no doubt hungry people in their world, but that`s due to their governments)  that "solution" broke many farmers and rural communities.  When there`s money in farming, there`s no shortage of young people that would like to farm and no shortage of existing farmers that would love to expand to twice or greater their number of acres.   And here we are, waiting with baited breath on if China will buy more pork & beans from us at continued below cost of production prices.  So, I`ll ask the rhetorical question, any guesses how this`ll turn out?  Smiley Happy