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Re: Depopulation - Who Cares

Critical mass is probably necessary to maintain some pretty good paying and fairly high skilled jobs that are hard to do from a physical distance.


Here are some jobs, some pay more and some less, that you need a minimum customer base to make a living.  Maybe somewhere there is a list of the customer base size needed to sustain:


Plumber, electrician, home repair/remodeling, snow removal, saloon


Work that doesn't travel all that well:  Concrete work, roofing, siding, trucking


You can probably think of many more.  At any given town or dense rural population size, more and more of these jobs will pop up and some pay OK and have good social standing.


Times have changed.  It used to be a church, movie theater, dance hall and so forth were part of the local scene but maybe not so much.


Let's face it; in the old days you neighbored with those who were close.  Nowadays, with the internet and social media, you neighbor with those you want to.