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Re: Do You Carry A Checkbook?

Back in the 80`s when I started farming, I wrote checks for everything, it didn`t take too many years to have a 10,000 numbered check, today maybe write 100 checks a year.  Now there`s places that if you write a check, they process it like a debit card and hand your signed check right back to you.  


If I go to the elevator, they put it on my tab, implement dealer takes my John Deere Financial account, as do farm supply stores.  Most businesses send a bill monthly.  So, one monthly check covers several purchases.


Losing a checkbook is a scary proposition, one time I was dressed up to go somewhere and threw on a old pair of coveralls to check the cows before we went.   Well, I absentmindedly zipped my checkbook in the front chest pocket to prevent losing it ...and forgot about it, a week later couldn`t find it.  So we got scared it was stolen out of my pickup, to try and cancel 15 or so lost checks would be expensive and a hassle, so we crossed our fingers.  The next fall I put on the old coveralls again and there in my pocket was the checkbook all safe and sound in the pocket....whew!