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Do You Carry A Checkbook?

When I was a lad tagging after my dad, I noticed he'd carry a couple of blank checks in the top pocket of his bib overalls when he went to town.

When I grew up, I invariably had a checkbook in my hip pocket.

Now, I have to remind myself to carry a checkbook if I expect I'll need it.  It's almost all credit cards and sometimes cash.

I suppose some just aim their Apple Phone at you and move money that way.  I don't do that yet, although at home I pay as many bills as possible via online banking.  I used to send out 20-30 envelopes a month with check in them, now it's maybe half a dozen at most.

Has your money handling changed over the years and where are we going next?

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Re: Do You Carry A Checkbook?

When I was a kid people didn't need to carry check blanks.  Every business place had counter checks from all the banks within about 25 miles.

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Re: Do You Carry A Checkbook?

Back in the 80`s when I started farming, I wrote checks for everything, it didn`t take too many years to have a 10,000 numbered check, today maybe write 100 checks a year.  Now there`s places that if you write a check, they process it like a debit card and hand your signed check right back to you.  


If I go to the elevator, they put it on my tab, implement dealer takes my John Deere Financial account, as do farm supply stores.  Most businesses send a bill monthly.  So, one monthly check covers several purchases.


Losing a checkbook is a scary proposition, one time I was dressed up to go somewhere and threw on a old pair of coveralls to check the cows before we went.   Well, I absentmindedly zipped my checkbook in the front chest pocket to prevent losing it ...and forgot about it, a week later couldn`t find it.  So we got scared it was stolen out of my pickup, to try and cancel 15 or so lost checks would be expensive and a hassle, so we crossed our fingers.  The next fall I put on the old coveralls again and there in my pocket was the checkbook all safe and sound in the pocket....whew!

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Re: Do You Carry A Checkbook?

I still do.
I don’t trust the “apple” folks or the folks who buy their information.
Nor do I trust “clouds”.
Nor do I trust clouds. Defiantly into the dry wind.
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Re: Do You Carry A Checkbook?

While it is difficult to trust online banking it's becoming hard to get along these days without it.

The place we stayed in Florida last month is totally cashless.

Our electric company only accepts online payments.

I do like to use cash at some places because they hate to make change these days.Smiley LOL


With so much more being done electronically we should be able to cut mail delivery to 3 days a week.

Most of it goes in the garbage anyway.


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Re: Do You Carry A Checkbook?

I concur on reducing mail shipments.   I sure don't need it on Saturday and MWF would be OK with me.




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Re: Do You Carry A Checkbook?

Now that sorting is automated and my ks mail is sorted in texas, it takes longer than ever for a letter to get anywhere.

If I mail from Liberal ks to Ulysses ks  (70 miles)  it will be sorted in Amarillo Texas and sent to wichita ks for sorting and sent from wichita to Ulysses.... where my elec company offices are.............. was 3 days hand sorting ... now 10-12 days     So round trip ---sending bills and paying bills ---possibly a 24 day round trip  for  70 miles....


If we reduce delivery to three days a week, will that monthly bill cycle take over 30 days................ logic would say over 40 days........?????


At what point does a system just collapse.



In front of me........... the telephone bill........ for residence

Basic service plan/no long distance carrier ..............$27 / mo.

NO calls made

Surcharges, federal and local taxes...........................15.22 / mo.

Total....................................                                       42.22 /mo


Business line to a shop

Basic service........ w long distance career....................$35.00 / mo

No calls 

surcharges federal and state taxes.................................32.26 / mo

total monthly charge .....................................................67.26/mo



Another system headed for a collapse 



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Re: Do You Carry A Checkbook?

And the answer the "sheep" come up with is to give your bank account access to the electric co.  ---- the folks who misread meters and can't keep the addresses updated and will share their data 


If we can design a cell phone and an electronic friend, why can't we find a better answer than that.   



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Re: Do You Carry A Checkbook? does $15 a month, plus sales tax plus
A couple of bucks for 911 fee for unlimited
Calling ??
I think you might be able to keep same number.

That is via straight talk home service...just
Hook you phone to it. Add ups in case power
Goes out. Think box (radio) is about $40.
Nextech​ has similar but bit higher.
$110-$38.....your a bookkeeper

That would come close each month (you would
Have to kick in $29 a mo..and you could get
Sue's advice !!)
Or "free internet"
Or 3 30 packs of bud lite a month
or 11 gallons blue bunny ice cream a month
or monthly Insurance payment on every day Pu.

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Re: Do You Carry A Checkbook?

ok ok ok    you had me with the blue bunny.......


Appreciate the suggestion


I have been told about nextel, but was waiting on a local to have them...




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