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Do You Cuss Around Women?

When I grew up, there used to be foul language that men used to use amongst themselves but one didn't use around women they respected.  A lot of the language was workplace related.  Cuss on the job, not at home.


There are many more women in ag related jobs now.  Agronomists, seed and chemical sales, precision ag techs, crop scouts and more.  And most of them are pretty good at what they do.


So, do you figure if they come on your farm in what used to be a man's role you will use language around them that you used to use only around men?


Do they cuss as bad as you do, trying to fit in?


Do you think if a woman is doing what used to be a man's job she can darned well put up with the foul language or get out?


Or do you still have a double standard on language between men and women regardless of the work role they are in?

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Re: Do You Cuss Around Women?

Women require a double standard...................... applied equally ...........and equal pay or better... .................. with unequal benefits.


They demand better treatment than men because they are women........ on an unequal scale...............because they are women.


And they were equally different until title nine pointed out how unequal they are at being men.


So lets all celebrate our diversity!  Instead of our divisive political posturing.  🙂 



I try not to look stupid in front of either gender,  which might get me in trouble with the male fraternity.  But politically I can be bipolar.

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Re: Do You Cuss Around Women?

One of my goals is that as I age I will learn to control my language and be more like my dad.

Not always been very successful, especially at times like this weekend when the

packing wheels kept plugging with corn stalks in the peat ground.

At least I was alone in the field and only 1 neighbor was downwind.

I ask the other one listening to forgive my many weaknesses.


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Re: Do You Cuss Around Women?

I don`t swear around women, but women swear around me.  If you`re loading hogs, unless you`re some kind of saint you`re going to swear a lot and I think most people can understand that.  But, my Wife is the worst cusser I have met, man or woman Smiley Surprised and the other day I was talking to a woman that went to a Steve King meeting and cussed at him, after the meeting Steve shook her hand and said "peace be with you"  Smiley Very Happy  so it`s becoming kind of an epidemic.  


Swearing, when done appropriately could get a point across, but it`s becoming stupid, I think you can now stand out better if you try and avoid the bad shows that you have self control, something not in abundance these days.  


I know a salesman that talks halfway nice on the on the phone, but when he hangs up, to him everyone is a " c..."  the first 10,000 times I heard him say it, I thought his foul mouthed, 2-facedism was hilarious, now it`s just stupid and ridiculous.  



I guess "everybody is doing it" so it`s lost it`s effectiveness.

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