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Do You Have A Severe Weather Plan?

The spring weather season is starting,and we may be having more extreme weather lately, so it's a good idea to have a severe weather plan in effect for the farm.  It has to address not only family but also workers, visitors, livestock and property.

The first question is how does one tell others if severe weather is coming?  Tornadoes don't give much warning, although they don't come out of the blue.  If lightning is sparking about, it's a good idea to get in out of the field even if one is in a tractor cab or truck.  Do you use cell phones?  Radios?  A flag from the TV tower?  Smiley Happy

We have plenty of battery radios and batteries.   I also have my ham radio gear, though I don't know if the antennas would stay up in a wind - I can rig an expedient antenna if I have to.

We have a storm cellar poured into the basement, and we used it in '98 when the winds took the roof of our brand new house.  The only mistake I made is the door opens out - where it could be blocked by falling debris - I should have it changed to open in or I could just leave it open.

We have plenty of gas lanterns, gas camping stove, but we don't have much extra water.  If we have time, we would fill vessels in the house.   I'd need power for that and while I have two generators, they're both non-working.  I guess my good intentions to get them running haven't had a high enough priority.  I hope I don't regret that.

First aid equipment we have.  Also, first aid instructions on the iPad (how long will that battery last?) 

It's a far cry from when I was a kid and we expected the power to go out in big winds or bad snows.  We had the kerosene lanterns out often and the furnace was stoked with wood.  Times are better now.