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Do You Pay Overtime?

Do you pay overtime for farm labor?  If you do, is it so many hours per day or per week or what?


California is looking at a law that would gradually lower the overtime standard from more than 10 hours a day to 8 hours a day.  Supporters say it makes the farm worker on a par with other professions.  Opponents say they'll cut back on work or hire more workers rather than pay overtime.


What do you do and do you think it makes any difference?


My own thought is that I'll buy a machine and try to avoid hiring labor at all.  Who needs the hassle if one can avoid it?  Of course,some can't avoid it.  There's the rub.

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Re: Do You Pay Overtime?

It is a balancing act.  My preference is to be a person short rather than a person long.

1. It costs a lot in energy, time and money to hire and train new employees.

2. If you pay out extra benefits for each employee it behooves you to know the bottom line and then work overtime up to that threshold before hiring a new employee. Those benefits cost what they cost whether the employee works 40 hrs or 60 hrs...

3. I want to manage as few people as I need to. 

4. New employees are never a sure thing, and they are never as effecient. 


just a few thoughts.

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Re: Do You Pay Overtime?

We approached that question a couple of years ago and decided to increase hourly rate instead...

we have some temps who want all the hours they can get and some full timers with families that need to get home earlier occasionally.  

I totally agree with RJG.  But there is a point where you have enough to trade off weekends or second shift hours keeping a sprayer going or a tractor.  


Overtime is intended to be a reward for extraordinary service.  IMO  

We got caught in one of those "bright ideas" this year where we cut back on temp help because we could hire local full time employees... more than probably needed.

It was a classic mistake and we are drastically understaffed now... Overtime isn't the question,,,, work ethic and passing a drug test comes first... hiring an employee who is honorable comes second..... 

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