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Do you have the life you want?

Getting through my lazy winter morning routine this chilly day, I found myself thinking about the Big Questions.


Still had this in mind, as Mike drove us back from the quiet cattle farm in Virginia where he grew up (and where we live about 1/3 of the time now).  When we land in NC, it is Katy-bar-the-door busy. 


Of course, with the many pigs and the permit, the business office, and the one and only grandchild, this is where we need and want to be the other 2/3 of the time.  It used to eat us alive here, but we sort of have a more laidback attitude now, for the most part.  I guess that is teh benefit of turning sixty a couple years back, too.


Anyway, the main question in mind was:Do we have the life we want? 


We dealt with a couple of nasty health scares the last two years, for each of us.  It is what it is now, and we have taken measures to improve our outlook in terms of managing habits better.  Booted the disruptive tenants next to the getaway house in Virginia.  Got a better employee in position to help daughter in NC.   SIL got off swing shift, which gives them a family life.  Son steps up and helps us with the cattle on days we are stuck down south.


There is a rhythm and things get done, without us having to do all of them anymore.  We don't really want to travel, and the farms are as pretty as most places people go a long distance to see.  It's a nice life. 


Mike says that yes, as long as he feels as good as he does today, he is happy as a clam in mud.  I feel that way, too...but, I needed to hear him say it.  


I have taken to reading the Buddhist monk, Thich Nacht Hanh whenever I have a it of time to tackle something that is goin to make me stop and think.  Right now, I am still stuck at this sentence, on the first page of the one I started last week:


"We are very good at preparing to live, but not very good at living."


Where do you stand? Do you have the life you want, or are you still preparing to have it? 



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Re: Do you have the life you want?

I  find  with  interest  of  the one  ''' My  actions  are  my  true  belongings - I  cannot  escape  the  consequences  of  my  actions  - My  actions  are  the  ground  of  which  I  stand  '''


Thich being  educated on 2 very diffrent side of the globe with 9 decades of life experince seems well qualified lecture ---  

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Re: Do you have the life you want?

Hello, Kay,

Yes, I have pretty much the life I want.  We're dramaticallyl slowing down on the farm.  Spending more time with family and pursuing things that we enjoy as we get into the seventies and know that the quality of life is unlikely to get better in the rest of the years.


We're as busy as can be - sometimes too busy - but it's doing what we want and we step aside when we need to.  



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Re: Do you have the life you want?

I have exactly the life I wanted, although I always wanted to be a double naught spy.   🙂

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Re: Do you have the life you want?



way more positives than negatives



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Re: Do you have the life you want?

Ditto Hobby - gonna put 4 generations in the field this spring.

Now that's family farming.Smiley Happy


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