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Does The Environmental Species Act Hurt You?

There is some talk of toning down the environmental species act.  You know, the one where a rare toad can stop your plow in it's tracks.  I have to say that the ESA has not hurt me directly, but I will also say that I would think very long and hard before I'd announce to the world I found a new kind of dinosaur or butterfly.

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Re: Does The Environmental Species Act Hurt You?

or weed or grass or tree.....

inforced literally as written and addressed in the TPP agreement it covers every species of plant, insect and animal life.


It is a huge book of regulation that has only been implemented in part so far.

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Re: Does The Environmental Species Act Hurt You?

Yes it does. The local Rea rebuilt a few miles of line
And since we are in the flight path of some birds
The had to put some special things on a few miles
Of line, so the birds wouldn't fly thru and land
Or get fried. It added 1/3 to the cost. In addition
If we get ice, the added weight of the devices
And the and ice, it always comes down.

Also when things fly thru, they have a fellow that fallows. One day there was a pu parked in the
Drive in of one of the pasture. So I stopped
To find out what was going on. He said he
And another fellow fallow, on rests while the
Other with them. He said they landed on
Our pond, said he would be there all night
With them
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Re: Does The Environmental Species Act Hurt You?

Had an attorney warn us once, that the neighbors were planning to see a rare woodpecker on our land, so they could tie up the timber sale on Mike's place.  They thought we needed it for the VA expansion, when in fact, we utilized it to move our hog farming to a totally different state...thus, how we wound up over the line in NC. 


If reported, it would have held up the timber harvest for two years, at minimum.  To me, that is an unconstitutional taking.  I guess in regulatory time, it is a

snap of the fingers....


Second situation: July 31, 2015, we walked in to our house in Dinwiddie, VA, and I flipped on the news, while making supper.  Mike went out to cruise the cows. 


I was shocked to hear my BIL's voice on the report, about the stink in the Stony Creek, and "holding those responsible accountable".  I told Mike he meant us, and was blaming our biosolids application, which had just been done about ten days prior. 


Mike said I was paranoid...but, that doesn't' mean they aren't out to get you.  My family is a special mixture of nuts.  I know for a fact that my sister had reported the "problem with the creek" at her job, which is with the county.


Thing is, they had started complaining about July 4th,and our land application came after that....but, 16 miles of the creek, a tributary of the Nottaway River, which fronts about a mile of Mike's place, was dead as a doornail.  Included a small darter fish, an Endangered Species. 


Fortunately for us, we have a dynamite EQIP project installed there, so NO runoff to the creek could possibly occur.  Still, the applicator ( who was chair of the County Supervisors, thank goodness!) had put up signs in late May.  They are required by ordinance to go up 30 days in advance). 


We got blamed for what turned out to be stillage from a now-defunct ethanol plant - the Vireol folks tucked tail and ran back to the UK.  It was dumped for hog feed, on the politically fortunate minority farmers who still raise hogs that way there.  It all got swept under the rug of the Ag Stewardship Act.   


So, even though we didn't have biosolids on site when the problem occurred, we got inspected from stem to stern, more than once.  I know of twice.  Second time, was after I questioned DEQ officials hard at a public informational meeting on September 1, 2015...a damned string of white trucks followed the biosolids trucks onto the place the morning after, when they came to finish the final quadrant. 


It was epic. 



The only gratification I got was seeing my smug BIL *****.

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Re: Does The Environmental Species Act Hurt You?

Reading  as  of  late  about  feedlot  dust  drift  &  effects on  home  gardening ? ? 

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Re: Does The Environmental Species Act Hurt You?

It's gotten to where you can't be too outspoken when you see weird things (odd plants/animals or artifacts) that don't really affect other people.  Just move on, nothing to see here.

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