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Does The U.S. Need A National GMO Import Policy?

American farmers know that countiies have their own policy for permittingthe import of GMO products.  Senator Grassley find the U.S, does not have a clearly articulated policy and he thinks wwe need one so that we can start a dialogue to develop a world policy that would prevent the Syngenta-China fiasco.


Do we have one?

Do we need one?

Do you favor one?

Would a global policy work and be enforceable?




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Re: Does The U.S. Need A National GMO Import Policy?

No....... Grassley should know better.....


The possibility of getting an honest and accurate statement on the subject, boarders on impossible.....


Nearly half the elected membership of congress and ALL the staffing of the burearcracy that administers its interpretation of the laws are so scientifically blind, he should know better than to bring it up......... He is never going to change the dumbing down of the electorate....

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